(Day Camp)

Is it an overnight camp?


What if I have to arrive late, leave early, or even miss a day?

You may if necessary. However, you must communicate with your team coach as we take attendance multiple times throughout a camp day. Missing days is discouraged, as it affects team and group activities.

How do I enroll?

You can Register Online– Look for the Registration Link on our website.

Do we have financial aid or scholarships?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any at this tine. We are hoping to have this kind of assistance in the near future. We can accept payment plan. Please contact us.

Who can attend the camp?

Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing, children of deaf adults, and kids between the age group 8-18 are welcome.

What is the Refund Policy?

No refunds are available two weeks before camp begins.

Can I walk up and register on the spot?


What is a typical day like?

Competitive Basketball activities within a highly structured and organized learning environment. Daily Fundamental teaching stations, contests, competitions, and individual instruction. Team format. Each team has a permanent coach for the week. Schedule can be distributed upon request at the registration table. ALL campers receive equal amount of playing time.

What is the makeup of your staff?

Staff is comprised of all adult, experienced teachers and coaches. Attendance is taken several times throughout the day.

What should I bring?

Basketball gear, including basketball shorts and shoes
Water bottle
Do not bring valuables – we’ll provide a valuable experience!

Are parents permitted to attend and watch daily activities?

Yes, parents are welcome as long as it is not on an all-day, everyday basis. Please let us know in advance.

How can we check for pictures or updates?


Twitter: DSAstars


Facebook: Deaf Sports Academy

For a quick response to any additional questions- starsbasketballcamp@gmail.com